Online audio recording with Wimba Voice

If you need a way to do quick and easy audio recording online, with a minimum of equipment and set-up, you need to try Wimba Voice. Wimba Voice provides a collection of tools which can be embedded in a web page or Blackboard page to allow voice recording and/or playback “on-the-fly” within that web page. Visitors to the page will see a toolbar allowing them to play back or record and save audio, without using a special application other than Wimba.

Use Wimba Voice to record and send voice emails, embed recorded messages in web pages, allow audio-based discussion boards, create presentations with audio accompanying visuals of webpages, hold simple audio-based chat sessions, and even create audio podcasts. These tools are available to Duke faculty using Blackboard, but are also available to faculty and staff outside of Blackboard – just contact CIT for an account on our Wimba Voice pilot server.

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  1. Daniel

    I need the wimba voice recorder for my website

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