Creating a Virtual Environment for Writing (test phase)

Vicki Russell, Senior Lecturing Fellow and Director, Duke University Writing Studio

Project Description:

As part of the CIT’s Strategic Initiative Grants program in Spring 2008, Vicki Russell, Director of the Duke University Writing Studio, received funding to investigate virtual worlds software and its use by students, and to create a “paper prototype” of a Virtual Writing Studio.  Using Qwak, a 3d collaborative environment designed for business and education, Vicki will be testing a prototype Virtual Writing Studio in Writing 20 and Education classes in Spring 2009 and by students working on ad-hoc group projects and writing for student publications.

The Virtual Writing Studio is a 3d “space” where students, faculty and writing tutors can collaborate in real time.  The online Studio will include resources from the Writing Studio’s website on the writing process and areas for group work or individual tutoring sessions.

The CIT Jump Start grant for the project will be used towards licenses to use the Qwaq environment during the trial period.  In addition, some funding will be used for developing custom components for the Virtual Writing Studio.

More information about the project, including reports on investigations of virtual worlds software and student use of virtual worlds, can be viewed in a previous profile of the project.

Project start date: 11/21/2008
Funding awarded: $4,800