Second Life parcels available for Duke faculty and student use

If you would like a way to learn more about Second Life, to practice building or using virtual environments, or to provide your students with space for a virtual project, a limited number of small parcels are available on Duke Student Affairs Division’s Second Life island for Duke students and faculty to use. You could use the parcels as a “home base” for hosting a virtual meeting, plan and build a virtual structure, or just explore the options Second Life provides for teaching and learning.

Faculty and students can contact Tim Bounds for information about the parcels available ( CIT can consult with faculty about how Second Life and other virtual world tools might be useful in their teaching.

Amy Kenyon

Author: Amy Kenyon

Amy plans, implements and assesses faculty development programs for the improvement of teaching and learning, provides programs and resources designed to increase understanding of the teaching and learning process and manages personnel and other resources in the Teaching Innovation group of Learning Innovation. Her interests are in student-centered course and program design, curriculum mapping, assessment and engaging teaching strategies for student learning.