Mellon Seminars in Digital Humanities

During this academic year, nine Mellon Seminars in Digital Humanities taking place at UCLA in real life (RL), will be “broadcast” via live feed into the Digital Library Federation’s (DLF) Second Life (SL) island, Entropia. Anyone interested is welcome to attend in Second Life.

This year’s seminar is co-organized by Jeffrey Schnapp (Stanford University, Stanford Humanities Laboratory, and Mellon Visiting Professor of Digital Humanities, UCLA) and Todd Presner (Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature, UCLA). The seminar’s theme is “What is(n’t) Digital Humanities?”

Through dialogues with expert guest interlocutors and practitioners from various fields, seminar participants will examine, historicize, and critique the emergent field of “digital humanities.” Bringing together insights from media, game, literary and cultural studies, we will attempt to take stock of humanistic inquiry at the start of the 21st century.

Topics will include Web 2.0, virtual worlds, ubiquitous computing, geo-temporal navigation, participatory media, digital narratives, open source knowledge, collaborative authorship, experiential design and the classroom as laboratory.

Seminar guests include: Johanna Drucker, Michael Schanks, Lev Manovich, Diane Favro, Franco Moretti, Tara McPherson, Peter Lunenfeld.

Seminars meet 2-5 pm Pacific Time on
10/8/08, 11/5/08, 12/1/08, 1/5/09, 2/2/09, 3/2/09, 4/6/09, 5/4/09, and 6/1/09.

The following Second Life URL will teleport you to DLF’s Entropia, though you must have a Second Life account in order to log on: Basic Second Life accounts are free:

For more information visit or join the UCLA Digital Humanities Facebook Group. Topics for each session will be posted on-line once they have been finalized.


Amy Kenyon

Author: Amy Kenyon

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