Tuesday is Open Access Day

Please join us for world-wide Open Access Day on Tuesday,  October 14.

Several events are planned.  Throughout the day there will be tables set up in the Perkins Library and the Medical Center Library to distribute information about how open access can benefit scholarly research, especially as new technologies are developed and adopted in higher education.

The big local event will be focused on OA @ Duke; from 2 pm until 3:30 we will gather in Perkins Library 217 to hear about what is being done at Duke and what opportunities are available for scholars.  Our keynote address will be by Prof. Jamie Boyle of Duke law school, and there will also be short presentations by Law Librarian Dick Danner, Dr. Ricardo Pietrobon of the Medical School faculty and Duke student Josh Sommer, a passionate and articulate spokesman for patients’ rights.

There is also an international webcast featuring Noble Prize Laureate Sir Richard Roberts and Prof. Philip Bourne, the founding editor of “PLoS Computational Biology” that will be recieved in two locations at Duke — the Medical Center Library and classroom 3 in the new LINK facility in Perkins Library.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about the benefits and challanges of open access, especially in the area of health and medical information and scholarship.  More information about the webcast, which will take place at 7 pm on Tuesday, and the celebration of Open Access Day in general, is available at this website.

These events are specifically directed at university faculty members and academic authors.  We hope many people will turn out to listen and discuss the opportunities offered by the more open approach to scholarship that is made possible by the digital environment.