Lively – Google's New Virtual Worlds Application

Google has just made public Lively, their virtual worlds application that’s similar to Second Life. Although it currently only works with Windows XP/Vista and Firefox/IE, it allows you to create your own rooms that can be embedded in blogs and web pages, similar to YouTube videos. There’s no unified world, like Second Life, so Lively could be used to create “ad hoc” virtual worlds spaces that are limited to particular groups that share an interest or are working on a particular project. Google has posted a video preview of Lively at YouTube.

1 thought on “Lively – Google's New Virtual Worlds Application

  1. okinawa

    Gaming has overtaken Hollywood in terms of dollars earned, is this a surpirise to anyone? MMORPGs are the future of entertainemnt, and eventually–life as we know it in modern society.

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