"Clicker" articles

“Desktop faculty development, 100 times a year.” This is the description of Tomorrow’s Professor mailing list, which posts short articles every three days or so that address concerns of future and new faculty. These postings occassionally focus on instructional technology– two┬árecently posted articles are about the use of personal response systems (“clickers”) in university classrooms. The posts, #883 & #884 at https://cgi.stanford.edu/~dept-ctl/cgi-bin/tomprof/postings.php, are summaries of two very interesting articles that can be found here:

1. Teaching with Clickers
2. An Instructors Guide to the Effective Use of Personal Response Systems (Clickers) in Teaching

Recommended reading if you are interested in using (or improving your use of) clickers. For more info about clickers at Duke, see the CIT classroom tools page on the PRS.