Protecting the University from Copyright Bullies – 9/27/07 webcasts

Wendy Seltzer, a scholar who has been active in debates on copyright issues, will give two talks tomorrow. The University Computer Policy and Law program at Cornell University will stream both the 2:55 pm and 7:30 pm talks live. Seltzer is a visiting assistant professor at Northeastern University School of Law, teaching Intellectual Property, Internet Law, and Antitrust, and a fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

Protecting the University from Copyright Bullies – 2:55 pm, 9/27/07
How can the university foster intellectual exploration and creativity, protect students’ privacy, and educate responsible citizens of the networked world? Is it possible to support balanced copyright law and enforcement, without responding to every entertainment company’s demands for internet filtering and “pre-litigation notices”?

Righting the Copyright Balance – 7:30 pm, 9/27/07
Can the music go on by offering fans better ways to get music, while guaranteeing payment for its creators? Where have copyright law and its enforcers gone wrong, and what can students, music fans, and co-creators do to put the law back on track?