Karaoke social networking

A new social networking site lets you share your budding vocal talents with web users everywhere. SingShot is a website devoted to creating, sharing, and commenting on other people’s renditions of popular songs.

A site like this could be quite useful in education – language students, vocal students, instrumentalists or actors and performers could post their work and invite critiques and suggestions from other users. However, it would likely run into problems with student privacy laws if done in connection with course and outside of institutional servers.

A columnist at Slate provides some humorous observations on using SingShot.

I started belting out songs—”Heartbreaker,” “Independent Women”—that I would’ve never dared to perform in front of a live audience. I stayed up nights recording take after take, track after track. But to my chagrin, the bleats that came out of my throat sounded feeble. My voice cracked on high notes; I had trouble with rhythm. The main advantage of a karaoke Web site, I learned, is that I could humiliate myself 24 hours a day.