Tablet PC Faculty Fellowship: Kathy Nightingale

Kathy Nightingale, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Nightingale participated in a year-long faculty fellowship organized by Dr. Lisa Huettel to experiment Kathy Nightingale describes teaching with tablet PCs at the 2007 CIT Showcasewith using tablet PCs in teaching.   In the spring of 2007, she taught Biomedical Device Design (BME 8 ) and used tablet PCs with the students.  The students worked in groups using the tablet PCs to perform literature searches and run design simulations using MATLAB.  The interactive nature of the group work on the tablets generated enthusiasm and interest greatly exceeding that typically experienced in a more didactic lecture setting. In a survey administered after the class, students appreciated using the simulation tools while the instructors were there to help them.

Photo shows Dr. Nightingale describing her teaching at the 2007 Center for Instructional Technology Showcase.