Catching Up With: Second Life

Several new events and resources for and/or about SecondLife have been appearing on the web. Here’s a summary of the more interesting or useful links:

  • Oakland University’s “E-Learning and Instructional Support” site has a basic “Introduction to Second Life” up, with links to videos and the basics of SL, not to mention the growing flurry of listservs and groups that endlessly discuss SL with the fervor of a telenovela.
    Oakland’s Introduction to Second Life page
  • The New Media Consortium’s (NMC) Summer Conference is starting today, and will no doubt heavily focus on SL. They’ll be investigating the new ‘voice’ beta testing options in SL, among other things.
  • A PR firm called “Text100” has been making the rounds in the SL-Education community for their decision to create offices and services in SL. They have a YouTube video explaining their decision that is getting some discussion:Text100 on YouTube
  • Finally, for those who missed the link, here’s a short opinion piece (coming close to completely slamming library uses of SL) written by Mark Herring (Dean of Library Services – Winthrop U in SC), plus reader comments from Library Journal: Get a (Real) Life!