Creating a DVD compilation of advertising materials

Martha Reeves, Visiting Professor, Sociology

Martha Reeves received support to integrate examples of advertising/promotional campaigns (print ads, websites, podcasts, direct mail campaigns, advertising short films, etc) into her course MMS 170: Integrated Marketing Communication. Compiling such materials required student assistance for digitizing and organizing content, as well as to review materials for copyright clearance. Creating such a resource would provide the faculty member with a large collection of appropriate and available content to draw from and include in lectures, Powerpoint presentations, or even online using Blackboard.

Funding was provided for a graduate student who could collect and integrate these materials. CIT provided training and support, enabling the student to use various software, such as Picasa for photo-organization, to complete the project. Funding also resulted in the development of a compilation DVD of course materials, including digitized commercials from advertising agencies, resulting in improved organization of course resources and accessibility for students.

Project Start Date: 4/11/2006
Funding awarded:

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Poster from CIT Showcase 2007