Student feedback and concept mapping in a large class

J. Kameron Carter, Professor in Theology and Black Church Studies, Duke Divinity School

Project Description

As part of the CIT’s Spring 2006 Fellows program designed for faculty teaching large classes, J. Carter wished to find ways to increase student engagement in his “Christology” course and discover methods for improving basic understanding of concepts in his class.

In the program, Carter and the other Fellows were introduced to a wide range of methods to enhance student learning and engagement in large courses including new approaches to lectures and effective use of student feedback and groups. Carter tried using polls to get feedback from students on class sessions and lectures so he might adapt his materials and lecture approaches for better student understanding. In addition, he developed a concept map for use in his lectures to give students a broad overview of complex historical trends they explored in the class.

Carter reported that the methods he explored were successful in engaging his students and giving them a deeper understanding of the subject matter. He hopes to continue using these techniques and expand their use in future classes.

Project start date: 1/2006
Funding awarded: $1,250