Opinion polls and blogs in a large class

Queen Utley-Smith, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Project Description

As part of the CIT’S Spring 2006 Fellows program designed for faculty teaching large classes, Dr. Queen Utley-Smith wished to be more creative in her use of teaching strategies to keep her students interested and engaged.

In the program, Utley-Smith and the other Fellows were introduced to a wide range of methods to enhance student learning and engagement in large courses including new approaches to lectures and effective use of student feedback and groups. She tried to use Blackboard’s blogs in her Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (N502) class for guided student reflections. She also used “opinion polls” to determine student attitudes about health promotion and to then use their responses as a starting point for facilitated discussion, which worked well for her.

She reported that some strategies she applied to her N502 course were successful in keeping her students interested and engaged and she would be certain to use in the future a number of ideas that were presented during the Fellows program.

Project start date: 1/2006
Funding awarded: $ 1,250