Issues of education and immigration

Joan Clifford, Visiting Assistant Professor
Romance Studies, Arts & Sciences

Project Description

In this ongoing Service-learning project, students explore issues of cultural assimilation, literacy, and access to educational opportunities for the growing Latino community in the United States. They used iPods with microphone attachments to record observations from their service learning experiences. Students in this course will also be asked to listen to archived interviews with Spanish-speakers in the community, which will facilitate listening comprehension practice, provide exposure to authentic speech patterns and accents, and also disseminate content to the students outside of class.

In the Fall 2006 semester, the project involved Duke students interviewing Latino/a students and parents at Jordan High School about their experiences within Durham Public Schools. These testimonials provided additional information to further the insights gained last year with a written survey. The video and audio components of the iPods were used in the production and editing of the interviews. Duke students also continued to use their iPods to record their own audio journals reflecting on their service at the high school.

Project start date: August 1, 2005