Advanced Hindi

Satendra Khanna, Associate Professor of the Practice
Asian and African Languages and Literature, Arts & Sciences

Project description

In this advanced Hindi language course, Professor Satendra Khanna includes a wide variety of film and literature examples to increase student engagement with authentic language and culture. With the addition of iPods to the course, students in the course expanded their contact with authentic language even further by using their iPods to record weekly samples of actual Hindi in use at various South Asian diaspora sites in the Triangle. The language samples were analyzed in class to allow the incorporation of important locutions and vocabulary in student coursework. The introduction of iPod assignments allowed students to encounter the real language in real use, which required them to adapt to this Hindi-using environment rather than using language that is pre-filtered and simplified. Such exposure to Hindi in current use in the diaspora has dynamic consequences for Hindi instruction in the classroom.

Project start date: August 1, 2005