Tracking patient encounters to achieve learning objectives in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Edward Buckley, Professor, Ophthamology and Pediatrics, School of Medicine

Project description

Accreditation and certification requirements for medical students include that they must meet certain learning objectives with regard to patient encounters (have had experience interacting with and diagnosing patients with a variety of illnesses and situations). Merely placing students in clinical situations does not ensure that all learning objectives have been met.

This project produced an interface for PDAs which integrates with Duke’s existing “PatientKeeper” software, allowing students to input data about their patient encounters and to tie those experiences to specific learning objectives. Clinical instructors, course directors and curriculum planners were able to access the student information to enable adjustments to the students’ education program (seeing additional patients with specific diseases, for example), assess students’ depth of understanding, or highlight objectives which may need to be revised.

Project start date: 5/19/2004
Funding awarded: $25, 829