Latino voices

Joan Clifford, Visiting Assistant Professor, Romance Studies, Arts & Sciences

Project description

The grant team planned to develop a digital video archive of authentic interviews with native Spanish speakers living in central North Carolina, to serve as the basis for language-based activities to be used in homework, individual practice, skill assessment and in-class practice in undergraduate Spanish courses.
Voices from the Latino Community in North Carolina” is a digital archive of interviews with Latino immigrants living in North Carolina in 2004-2005. The interviews were conducted by a team of instructors from the Duke University Spanish Language Program as well as undergraduate students. The project participants represent a wide range of nationalities and professions.

The project team also created interactive activities that may be used to practice linguistic skills and to explore issues of immigration. Access to authentic stories helped expand our knowledge of the growing Latino community and perhaps dispelled some of the misconceptions about the Latino community in North Carolina. Many sections of the interviews were transcribed (in Spanish) and new materials were continually added to the project website through 2006.

Project start date: 5/19/2004
Funding awarded: $15,850