Visual resources for classical antiquity

Joshua Sosin, Associate Professor, Classical Studies, Arts & Sciences
Mary Boatwright, Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Ancient History, Classical Studies, Arts & Sciences
Ken Rigsby, Professor of Epigraphy and Ancient History, Classical Studies, Arts & Sciences

Project description

The Classical Studies department sought this grant to digitize their collection of 18,000 slides, developing a database of rich metadata and high-resolution slides using the Luna Insight image management system.
By creating a rich slide collection, the department hoped to enhance accessibility of their slide collection (and make it easier to use the slides in the classroom), to encourage student interest and research in ancient material culture, foster a sense of continuity across the Classics curriculum by sharing visual information between courses, improve links between Classics and other disciplines, and enrich the traditional text-centered approach to teaching in Classical Studies.

CIT funding provided for assistance in digitization of the department’s slides through a combination of vendor outsourcing and in-house work. In addition, staffing paid for through the funding created metadata for each slide for easy search and retrieval.

After testing of the Luna Insight image management system with the collection, the images were transferred to a new system, MDID, currently being used for image access by Art & Art History, Classics and other departments. As of Fall 2007, creation of metadata and digitization of slides from the collection continues using funding originally provided as part of this CIT grant.

Project start date: 5/19/2004
Funding awarded: $32,700