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The Pandemic Pedagogy Research Symposium

The Pandemic Pedagogy Research Symposium (held online on May 5, 2021) featured presentations on new and emerging research related to teaching and learning during the pandemic with a focus on applied scholarship that advances the art and science of teaching.

Initially conceived as a one day event with 5-8 sessions and perhaps 100 attendees, the symposium (through our own efforts and the efforts of our partner institutions – Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan) grew to 48 sessions and capped attendance at 749.

In the outcomes of the Pandemic Pedagogy Research Symposium we see further opportunities to seed similar ‘just in time’ research and knowledge sharing events. Events were not coordinated by one particular institution or third-party vendor, but instead evolved on the fly based on collaboration between partner institutions and the general response of the academic community.