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+Data Science initiative

+DataScience (+DS) is a Duke-wide program, operating in partnership with departments, schools, and institutes to enable faculty, students, and staff to employ data science at a level tailored to their needs, level of expertise, and interests. Learning Innovation collaborated with the +DS team (led by Larry Carin, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Vice President of Research) and the Duke Web Services (DWS) team of Duke’s Office of Information Technology to develop a series of online modules to complement in-person workshops and events.

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Start your machine learning education online

You can gain a foundational understanding of machine learning models in the new Introduction to Machine Learning Duke Coursera course. This short online course demonstrates how machine learning can solve complex problems, from medical diagnostics to text prediction. You will also have access to web-based coding exercises that use Python to build machine learning models. In addition, these exercises use TensorFlow, open source libraries used by many companies’ machine learning teams (e.g., Google, CocaCola, Uber). Duke students, faculty and staff have free access to this course through Coursera for Duke.

Continue learning at +Data Science workshops

Upon completion of the online modules, Duke students, faculty and staff can take a deeper dive at +Data Science in-person learning experiences. Duke faculty and graduate students will teach you how to apply machine learning to real-world problems. You can enroll in any of the workshops through +Data Science. Here are some of the upcoming in-person learning experiences.

For more information: visit the Introduction to Machine Learning course hosted on Coursera and Coursera for Duke (for Duke students, staff and faculty); visit the +DS website (developed by DWS) for more info on upcoming events.