Bass Digital Education Fellowship

Learning Innovation, in partnership with the Duke Graduate School, has just launched a new year-long fellowship program to provide PhD students professional development opportunities in the growing area of digital teaching and learning. The Bass Digital Education Fellowship  offers PhD students an opportunity to collaborate on leading-edge projects in partnership with Duke faculty and under the guidance of Learning Innovation.

The Bass Digital Education Fellowship Program helps graduate students develop new skills to distinguish themselves in the academic job market and to explore emerging career paths in education technology, digital publishing, and teaching and learning innovation. Fellows will consult with Duke departments and/or individual faculty to uncover needs, research solutions, draft project proposals, and upon acceptance, execute a digital project in support of undergraduate education. Fellows who complete the program will also partially fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in College Teaching.

Fellowship Components

The year-long fellowship experience includes the following:

  • seminar course that prepares students to critically engage with themes of 21st century teaching and learning (GS762: Digital Pedagogy), which is completed prior to the start of the fellowship;
  • Digital Education Internship: Practical opportunities to develop teaching skills and gain direct experience for an academic year collaborating on Duke faculty-led digital projects with Learning Innovation;
  • seminar series (GS772: Bass Digital Education Colloquium) taken concurrently with the fellowship, where Fellows gain digital learning design and development experience, collaboratively problem-solve design challenges and explore strategies to overcome them; and engage with Duke faculty and digital education leaders.

In addition, Fellows will maintain a digital portfolio to document their experiences as well as track their efforts on projects.

Fellows will be offered opportunities to present their projects at Duke Learning Innovation events and as part of a culminating student symposium on digital education, showcasing their work to the Duke community.