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Completed Projects 2018-2019

Teaching Innovation

Learning Technologies

  • Duke Sakai upgraded to version 19 — Sakai upgraded May 11 – new Rubrics tool among new features
  • Presented on Kits at Carroll U NGDLE Workshop, Duke OIT Tech Expo, Reclaim Hosting Domains 19
  • wrapped Zoom exploration and pilot
  • Kits– the Duke Learning App store – displays to learners a unified interface for accessing the instructional tools used by their learning communities. (First version released January 2019)
  • Supported and planned for Hacking for Defense course (Sowers and McClelland)
  • Sakai UI/UX development
  • Nudge project: Piloting Learning Boosters concept and technologies; student interns working on a new app based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve research
  • Supported Math departments exploration of Crowdmark

Online Duke

Research, Evaluation and Development

  •  WALTer 2.0 – Expanded our IRB templates and documents to include student consent forms, data delivery processes, and a template for IRB protocols for research on teaching and learning
  • Expanded research around the CURE (Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience) model of teaching with projects in biology and chemistry courses
  • Supported research on structured reflection as pedagogy in language instruction
  • Provided de-identified student activity data to support six faculty-led research projects
  • Developed an online tool for students to record language learning experienced prior to Duke to improve language course placements
  • Published research on cyber-incivility in online medical education in collaboration with faculty in the school of nursing.
  • Developed a process by which any member of the Duke community can share their ideas for new innovations or technologies to support teaching and learning
  • Hired new R&D Program Coordinator
  • We contributed our process and resources for helping Duke faculty lower barriers to conducting education research to the Empirical Educator Project: