The Learning Experience (LX) Design team helps faculty develop online learning opportunities that offer flexibility to Duke students, reach the extended community of alumni and prospective students and extend Duke’s global impact. We:

  • Translate faculty ideas and content into learner-centered online learning experiences
  • Prototype and test online activities and assessments
  • Produce media for online projects (e.g., slide decks, visualizations, video, audio)
  • Conduct market research to identify opportunities for Duke to reach learners online
Heather Hans

Heather Hans (she/her)
Senior Learning Experience Designer

Michael Hudson (he/him)
Learning Experience Designer

Shakiyla Huggins

Shakiyla Huggins
Learning Experience Designer

Nick Janes

Nicholas Janes
Learning Media Designer

Tara Kramling

Tara Kramling (she/her)
Learning Experience Producer

Maria Kunath

Maria Kunath (she/her)
Learning Experience Designer

Megan Lancaster (she/her)
Senior Learning Experience Designer

Hannah Rogers (she/her)
Learning Experience Designer

Quentin Ruiz-Esparza

Quentin Ruiz-Esparza (he/him)
Director for Digital Product Strategy and Design