The Administrative Team provides leadership and guidance to the entire Learning Innovation & Lifetime Education team. This group includes administrative leadership and services, finance, and marketing and communications staff.

Jamila Belk

Jamila Belk (she/her)
Financial Analyst

Jenn Chambers

Jenn Chambers (she/her)
Associate Vice Provost of Learning Innovation

Hilary Culbertson

Hilary Culbertson (she/her)
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Yakut Gazi

Yakut Gazi (she/her)
Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Digital Education

Jewel Gibson

Jewel Gibson
Registration and Information Specialist

Michael Greene

Michael Greene (he/him)
Senior Director ​​for Learning Innovation Systems

Tiwonda Johnson-Blount

Tiwonda Johnson-Blount (she/her)
Administrative Coordinator

Amy Kenyon

Amy Kenyon (she/her)
Director of Special Projects

Jacques Morin

Jacques Morin
Senior Director, Professional Programs and Learner Services

Beth Owen

Beth Owen
Senior Business Manager

Sonia Rhodes

Sonia Rhodes
Registration and Information Specialist

Stefany Sanders

Stefany Sanders (she/her)
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Tammy Toler

Tammy Toler (she/her)
Assistant to the Vice Provost

Blythe Tyrone

Blythe Tyrone (she/her)
Communications Manager

Jessica Wilkerson

Jessica Wilkerson (she/her)
Marketing Manager

Ying Xiong

Ying Xiong (she/her)
Assistant Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Assessment, DKU