Coursera Specializations are short, concentrated sequences of courses, often coupled with a project-based capstone course. In Spring 2015, Duke University announced it would be developing two new Coursera Specializations in two high demand fields: Java programming and business analytics. The first courses in the Specializations launched in September, and new courses launched each month through the end of the year. This infographic shows the incredible amount of work the Duke faculty and production team put into the courses and the impressive number of learners who have participated so far.

coursera specializations inforgraphic


In April 2015, Duke launched another Specialization: Statistics with R. Based on Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel’s popular “Data Analysis and Statistical Inference” MOOC, the new specialization features an expanded set of content including a new course in Bayesian statistics.

Specialization content has potential to be re-used by Duke for Duke students. We created a short fact sheet about each Specialization to better describe what each Specialization includes. Click on any of them below to view or download.