Global Online Education

We began development on six new global online education projects led by Duke faculty in 2015-2016. These projects were selected from a Fall 2015 Call for Proposals that resulted in 43 initial proposals.

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Athens

Sheila Dillon, Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies

Sheila Dillon and Elizabeth Langridge-Noti of The American College of Greece will co-teach an undergraduate course offered simultaneously at Duke and in Greece. The course will feature online videos and course materials and weekly videoconference class meetings. Students will work in project teams that cross both institutions, giving them the opportunity to work across cultures, languages, and time-zones.

Infectious Disease Epidemiology in Global Settings

Wendy Prudhomme O’Meara, Matthew Rubach and Gayani Tillekeratne, Duke Global Health Institute

Duke DGHI faculty worked with CIT and OIT to create DGHI’s first fully online course, featuring a flipped classroom design with pre-recorded lectures. Virtual discussion groups linked Duke students (who took the class on-site in Durham) and Duke Kunshan students, with the three instructors, who were all based overseas. CIT completed an evaluation of the initial course offering (see below) and is currently working with DGHI faculty to enhance the Spring 2017

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Queen Utley-Smith, Duke University School of Nursing

This project will redesign “Health Promotion & Disease Prevention,” an online course offered by Duke’s School of Nursing to students at Duke and at Duke Kunshan University. The updated course will be cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary, featuring more global content, better course videos, and more peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction.

Global Environmental Health Problems: Principles and Case Studies

Junfeng Zhang, Nicholas School of the Environment/Duke Global Health Institute

Students from Duke, Duke Kunshan, and potentially Peking University will enroll in this online course on global environmental issues. The course will use examples from the U.S., China, and other countries and will feature online lecture videos, guest speaker lectures, online discussions, and video or web conferencing.

Global Health Research Design and Methods

Eric Green, Duke Global Health Institute

Eric Green will develop interactive, online teaching materials on global health research design and methods that will be used for two Duke courses. These resources will be made available to students, faculty and staff at DGHI priority partner locations across the world and could also become the basis for a new proposed global health online certificate program.

Advanced Global Health Epidemiology

Joseph Egger, Duke Global Health Institute

Joseph Egger will develop a set of online resources that will be used to improve the existing graduate-level Advanced Global Health Epidemiology course and make it possible for the course to be offered online to students at DGHI’s priority locations around the world.