Exploring new technologies

We began several small pilots and explorations in 2015-16, including the following:

Duke Extend: a new online course platform

In 2015-16, CIT and OIT partnered with two different Open edX vendors and conducted significant testing efforts on the Open edX platform to deliver open courses and online modules to both Duke and external audiences. A pilot is currently in progress and 3-5 courses will be run at http://extend.duke.edu during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. Afterwards, analysis of the pilot will help decide the future direction of this service at Duke.


Adaptive learning tools and platforms

In Spring 2016, CIT conducted an adaptive learning exploration, first surveying the technology landscape broadly before reaching out to several companies (Acrobatiq, Cerego, CogBooks, and Smart Sparrow) for demonstrations. 

In-video quizzing tools

After an extensive exploration and evaluation of several available tools, CIT partnered with PlayPosit in Fall 2015 to provide Duke faculty with the ability to offer short quizzes directly within videos (known as ‘in-video quizzing’). Integrations with Sakai, Shibboleth (NetID), Warpwire, and Duke Extend have been in development throughout Spring and Summer 2016. CIT conducted a small pilot with faculty and plans to launch PlayPosit as an enterprise service during the CIT Showcase in October.

Try a sample PlayPosit video and quiz (opens in new window)