Sakai is Duke’s learning management system managed through a collaboration between CIT and OIT. CIT provides system administration, strategic guidance, evaluation and implementation of new tools and upgrades, and pedagogical support and training.


CIT handled 800 Sakai support requests in 2015–16. Other units at the university handled an additional 1,280 Sakai support requests during this timeframe. In 2015–16, CIT automated the manual course site creation process in Sakai, allowing more users to create their own sites without having to submit a Service Desk ticket, significantly reducing the overall number of tickets. CIT also maintains Duke’s Sakai support site as an additional resource for Duke faculty and staff working with Sakai.

2015–16 Summary Of Duke Sakai Usage

  • 4,525 course sites and 407 project sites published (22% increase over 2014-15)
  • 26,913 unique users (14% increase over 2014-15)
  • 6,228 average unique users per day (1% increase over 2014-15)
  • Average of 5 logins per person per day

Upgrading Sakai

We plan to upgrade Sakai to version 11 on August 16, 2016. Duke has contributed significant effort to the Sakai community in preparation for the version 11 release. CIT led weekly functional testing sessions of the Sakai 11 beta which were attended by OIT and others outside the department. The Duke Sakai team worked with Professor Robert Duvall whose COMPSCI 290 course on Open Source Development explored the Sakai product and community. The Duke Sakai Team also partnered with Notre Dame in contributing funds to a shared pool of Longsight, Inc development time focused on the Sakai 11 release.